M8 assembly screw, back to back fixing for pull handles ø14, ø16, ø19 mm, incl. washers ø28x2 mm.
Supplied in pairs.
X = code for door thickness (Dt)
Dt. 10-22 mm : no. 53040/SA, incl. fittings for glass fixing! Bore in glass ø12 mm.
Dt. 23-30 mm : no 53040/SB
Dt. 31-42 mm : no 53040/SC
Dt. 43-54 mm : no 53040/SD
Dt. 55-66 mm : no 53040/SE
Dt. 67-78 mm : no 53040/SF
Dt. 79-90 mm : no 53040/SG
Dt. 90-102 mm : no 53040/SH

Note! Add thickness of the washers (2x2 mm) to the door thickness if used with washers.