Backplate, 200x190x2 mm.
Designed by C.F. Møller Architects as part of a complete design series.
Available in satin stainless steel (AISI 304) or bright polished brass.
Drilled for wood screws or M4 machine screws.
Supplied in pairs including wood screws 3,5x13 mm. Torx no. 15.

Stainless steel: 1262.00
Polished brass: p1262.90

Stainless steel: 1262.01.RX
Polished brass: p1262.91.RX

Stainless steel: 1262.02.EX
Polished brass: p1262.92.EX

Stainless steel: 1262.02.KX
Polished brass: p1262.92.KX

Stainless steel: 1262.02.RX
Polished brass: p1262.92.RX

Stainless steel: 1262.03.TX
Polished brass: p1262.93.TX

Stainless steel: 1262.036.TX
Polished brass: p1262.936.TX

Stainless steel: 1262.04.MX
Polished brass: p1262.94.MX

Stainless steel: 1262.04.BX
Polished brass: p1262.94.BX

Stainless steel: 1262.05
Polished brass: p1262.95

Specify right handed = R or left handed = L as last digit when ordering "bathroom" or "cylinder/turn". The illustrations show left handed pairs.

The distance between the centre of the lever hole and the centre of the keyhole/cylinder (X-centres) is defined by adding a code as the 8.th digit. See table of codes.