Summer residence, Tornby.

Architect: Jørn Schütze

GEA, Skanderborg.

Architect: Jørn Schütze

Randi-Line® no 1040

Lever handle no 1040 and matching window handle from the Randi-Line® series. Designed by Jørn Schütze.

IT-Hjørnet (IT-Corner)

Katrinebjerg, Aarhus. Architect Jørn Schütze. Randi has delivered the classic 1040 lever handle for this project.

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The Jørn Schütze architect practice specialises in a wide range of design work, with the aim of working with innovative timelessness and architecture that contributes to raising the bar within building culture in a local and international context.

Jørn Schütze designed the classic Randi-Line® thumb turn, for use on all escutcheons and backplates in the Randi-Line® series. The thumb turn, in stainless steel or brass, is also available in a new and smaller variant for narrow profile doors, and a longer variant for people with physical disabilities.

Jørn Schütze has also designed a cranked door and window handle in the same style as the timeless thumb turn.